Restore Lake


Aquaponics Farm That Provides Fresh Vegtables Onsite & Creates More Affordable Housing Offsite.

According to the CHNA (Community Health Needs Assessment Report), there are two primary areas that need immediate attention in our County including food insecurity and housing.  Let’s review how Restore Lake will impact both of those areas while utilizing the land for agricultural purposes. 

How do we address the growing impact and health inequities
created by housing and food insecurity for low-income residents in Lake County?
Find, Feed & Restore has a working and proven method.

 As you many know, aquaponics is a food production system that couples aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, crayfish, or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) whereby the nutrient-rich aquaculture water is fed to
hydroponically grown plants. Basically, it mimics a natural ecosystem, uses 95%
less water than regular farming to grow vegetables and grows them at a faster
rate. Find, Feed & Restore owns a 10-acre property called Restore Lake in
which we will address housing and food insecurity through a sustainable growth

Through our partnership with Backyard Farms Express, they will operate 12 to 15 aquaponic gardens on our property. Each garden will produce 14 tons of vegetables each year. Our goal is to start with 3 gardens which will produce over 40 tons of fresh vegetables each year. Then over the next 4 years is to grow from 3 to 15 gardens producing over 160 tons of vegetables each year. 10% of the vegetables will be donated to the local food bank, giving low-income families access to fresh vegetables. 

Restore Lake will become a source that creates additional affordable housing in Lake County Florida. Backyard Farms Express will pay Find, Feed & Restore to operate aquaponic gardens on our property. 100% of those funds will go towards developing affordable housing on other properties owned by Find, Feed & Restore. 

How can you help?

We ask everyone a particular question when we explain our vision. Have you ever had a conversation with a homeless child? We have. It’s as if the light that drives the human existence has died out inside of them.

It’s as if they are not looking at you, but looking through you to see if you carry any greater character than the ones that abandoned them. How can you help? Your $0.43 cents a day can save a homeless child? That’s only 12.99 cents per month. Less than what you spend per on a bottle of water or a small coffee.

Are you a family in need?

Start the process to recovery today.

Please be as thorough as possible. Due to the volume of applications, we will only respond to the ones that have been selected for interviews. God Bless.

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