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Our Process (The Three C’s)

Find, Feed & Restore purchases and accepts donations of travel trailers and we utilize them to take homeless families with children who live in cars or in tents and place them into a stable environment within an RV park in the suburbs of Central Florida.  We allow them to stay rent and utilities free for 4 months while we provide free case management services that include financial budgeting classes, credit report education, economic meal planning, interview preparation, resume writing along with professional counseling.  After a 4-month period, the client will begin to pay lot rent and utilities for their low income supportive housing as a building block to becoming self-sufficient.

  • Car: We get them out of their car and into a safe place to reside.We will offer the family a safe place to live for the next 3 to 9 months in one of our trailer homes as they go through our career assistance, interview preparation, job placement, financial budgeting classes/services and psychological counseling (if needed).

  • Career: We offer a full career assistance program to help the non-working parent obtain employment.  We do a full career and goal assessment of each resident and then we set up a 12 week job/interview preparation class.Utilizing skill assessment/aptitude testing along with past employment detail studies, we obtain concentrated skill sets that were utilized throughout the individual’s job history.

  • Childcare: We assist families with obtaining affordable childcare to watch the children when both parents receive employment.For the families with one working parent, we will assist the other parent with employment and upon availability, provide free childcare services for the family.

With your help, we can give hundreds of families a safe place and help them stand again. Help Us Bring Hope To A Struggling Home. Donate Today 🙂

How Do I Help?

We ask everyone a particular question when we explain our vision. Have you ever had a conversation with a homeless child? We have. It’s as if the light that drives the human existence has died out inside of them. It’s as if they are not looking at you, but looking through you to see if you carry any greater character than the ones that abandoned them. How can you help? Your $0.43 cents a day can save a homeless child?  That's only 12.99 cents per month. Less than what you spend per on a bottle of water or a small coffee. 

With a track record of success, references from our Local Police Department and Homeless Shelters, we are committed to help additional families. We can serve multiple needs with each trailer. Whether an abused women with her children who needs a few weeks to stay in a safe place with her children, a family with children living in their vehicle who needs 3 to 6 months to get back on their feet or an individual needing a transitional residence for 6 to 9 months. We are ready and currently meeting the needs of families by not only finding and feeding them, but offer restoration which is the ability to stand again.

For too long, feeding programs have brought food, without bringing about change. We are asking you to help us reply to the needs of a famliy as we take children out of unsafe cars with no ventilation overnight, provide a safe place for families and share Hope with those in need. Your donation will allow us to purchase additional trailers and assist a family in need. All donations are fully tax deductible including donations of trailers or financial contributions. We do not pay any salaries with the donations. So 100% of what you give goes directly to a family in need. Help a Family In Need by Donating Today 🙂